In answer to the security requirements expressed by Diskos, the Trade module is not openly available on the Internet, but only via the SOIL network or via direct connectivity to the servers hosted at EVRY.

During 2014, KADME was in contact with the primary Diskos contact and with the IT responsible in each oil company. This was to make sure that each Diskos member company would make the necessary changes to the network routing to properly direct traffic from the company's network to the servers hosting the Trade module.
At the same time we collected information from each company in order to configure our firewalls and allow traffic to the system from the relevant networks.

We have heard back from most companies that the connectivity tests have been successful. If you are a Diskos member, you should be able to reach the system by clicking the button below, from your company network. You should reach a page that will prompt you for credentials to access the system.

Diskos Trade module

If the test does not work, and you are on SOIL, the following information should help you to debug the problem:
  1. Run a TRACEROUTE to these servers: (production environment) and (test environment)
  2. Compare with other servers on SOIL (that your company use, for example License2Share). Do you reach the SOIL network?
  3. The important LINKnet addresses you should see to reach the system are: (SOIL) and (EVRY)
  4. If the TRACEROUTE stops «before» your company reach the SOIL address above (, please review your routing and firewall settings.
  5. If the TRACEROUTE stops after the EVRY address above (, then please send the results of your traceroute to the Helpdesk.
If the test does not work, and you are connecting via a direct line (IPsec VPN) to EVRY, then contact your IPsec VPN provider to debug the problem.