Diskos, the National Data Repository of Norway, is mostly known as the national archive for all the E&P data collected on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. However, one of the reasons why it is among the most advanced NDRs in the world is that all this E&P data can be traded between the oil companies operating in Norway. Trading of data is performed by the Scouts in the oil companies, in communication with the Geodata Trade Operator, which is the organization responsible to ensure the best possible flow of data between all oil companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf via a centralised administration of the data exchange process.

With the completely new Diskos Trade module, developed and operated by KADME, the communication between the Scouts and GTO is greatly simplified. Scouts can browse for data in the Trade module, including the Seismic and Well data stored in the Diskos modules operated by CGG, select objects of possible interest and create Trade Requests. After evaluations and simulations performed by GTO, a Trade Proposal is finally created and the Scouts of all the license partners involved will be able to vote for the proposal. Once a Trade Proposal is approved, GTO can change data entitlements directly via the Trade module. Reports can be generated by each Scout to get for example a summary of all trades their company participated in.