The Diskos Trade module is only available to Diskos member companies, plus the Geodata Trade Operator (GTO). It is not available to Associate Diskos members nor to Universities.

Within the Diskos companies, full access is limited to the company Scouts, as communicated by their company to GTO, or a Read Only role with access to company trade data only.

An individual will be granted access to the trade module for one Diskos member/Norske olje og gass member company and not multiple companies.

KADME therefore receives from GTO the list of users to be created in the system. Whenever there is a change in the Scouts in a company, that company needs to inform GTO.

GTO will then authorize KADME to create new users, drop obsolete ones, etc.

Before a user can be created for the Trade module, that user needs to exist already in the Well and Seismic modules operated by CGG, this is because the Trade user needs to have access to the information to trade in those modules.

Therefore if you need to access the Trade module, please follow this procedure:

  • Test that you can reach the URL If something does not work, check the FAQ on the DISKOS Trade Support website and eventually log a ticket there.
  • Read this FAQ on the CGG Diskos support website and download the form you find there to request a user.
  • Follow the instructions on that form, requesting access to both the Well and Seismic modules.
  • Get your DISKOS MC representative to approve the request and send it to CGG, as explained in the form.
  • Once the user has been created by CGG you will receive an email and also a password via SMS.
  • Follow the instructions to change your initial password and test your access to the Well and Seismic module. If something does not work, check the FAQs on the DISKOS Support website and possibly log a ticket there.
  • Once everything above is completed successfully, send an email to to request that we grant your user access to the Trade module.
  • We will then verify that you are in the list of Scout representatives maintained by GTO. In that case we will grant you access and inform you, otherwise we will let you know so that you can communicate with GTO.
  • At that point we will also create a user for you for the DISKOS Trade Support website. This will allow you to access some Getting Started documentation and to log support tickets in case of problems.